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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tino and Portugal and are an alternative

«Open to other systems? Sure, anything can be. You have to train and can be, "said Pellegrino in the press room at the Allianz Arena in Munich. The 'Skinny' does not include varying the 4-2-3-1 deployed by Valencia since his arrival, but it works with alternatives if finally committed to them, and is directly related to the midfield, with Tino Costa Portu working alongside. It is an alternative that handles the Argentine coach, who wants to have the squad prepared if he committed either start well throughout the match against Mallorca.
Without Albelda and Gago, the 'Skinny' has backed the duo Tino-Parejo. In Munich were not fine, in line with the rest of the team, but right now the only two midfielders 'healthy' for the first team. Pellegrino has decided that separate them in training yesterday does not mean that they will not be starters, but it does have alternatives worked. In the first phase of the preseason and Dani Argentina played several games together, hence now prefer to train with Portu Tino, a midfielder SUV with a more defensive. In yesterday's session, held almost at the same time to play the game in Palma, Pellegrino basculaciones insisted the whole team to the wings, always well together to get to the bottom line and focus to the area.
To do the 'Skinny' divided his players into two teams and they did not adversary, but he and his assistant Compagnucci talk much and even had individual talks when watching a move they did not like.
Viera, as playmakerAnother change that worked Pellegrino Viera yesterday was put in the position of playmaker few meters behind Soldier. The canary had a great game against Celta booting from the bands, but also played games behind the tip which maximizes his last pass. That position is occupied until Jonas, started all five matches. What does make clear is that the coach should be more compact Valencia to score another win in the league.

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