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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tino Costa: "The team is good and you have to trust him"

Tino Costa, Valencia's Argentine midfielder believes the team, although it has only scored two points in the first three days of the championship, is "good" and said that we must trust their potential because they have recalled a good image despite the difficulty of the schedule.
"The team has made good games, and even if not won in three games, I liked the team work and sacrifice on the court. Despite playing with the two biggest clubs in Europe, the team is well
and you have to trust him, "he said.
Despite his words, the midfielder acknowledged that they will "have to improve and many things, but that's what the coach works, when it ruled last year," he said, referring especially to the second half against Deportivo
, in which the Valencia squandered a two-goal.
On a personal level, the South American footballer said his position on the team is different than last championship, as he now has a greater presence in the starting lineup and acknowledged that he had an offer "very good" this summer from Spartak Moscow
, who now heads the former Valencia coach Unai Emery.
"It was certainly a little what he said last year, I wanted more prominence. Initially I had seasonal and individual level luckily I do well, I am confident, and I hope that both the group and the coach take me
has all season, "he said.
Asked about the differences of the new Valencia Mauricio Pellegrino and campaigns of the past Emery, commented that "are two different coaches. System is going to change things up a bit," adding that the most important thing is to start scoring
three by three points to move up in the standings.
"This weekend we have to win, start scoring at home, even if it takes a while to adapt the new system, you have to win on Saturday at Celtic because it is very important," he said.
Precisely in this upcoming league match, the new turf debut in Valencia Mestalla, after the last Sunday completely changed the previous, which was in very poor condition.
"They say the grass is good, hopefully so. Earlier in the play and could not be well and hopefully we will see on Saturday, which is the first test," he said.
During the training session on Tuesday, Valencia workforce working in the sports city was visited by his teammate Pablo Piatti, who was discharged from hospital today after undergoing surgery on Friday, after breaking the ulna and radius
his arm in training.
"These things happen, we are exposed to things like that happen. Know that Paul was very unlucky. Tried to support it, most went to see him in hospital. Know we are all with him, and we hope to come back quickly. Know it We love you and we want your return, "he said.

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