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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Valencia CF 2-0 Zaragoza

Step forward. The Valencia CF against Zaragoza managed a win to gain confidence by implying qualifying purposes and the number of obstacles that had to go save the team and himself Pellegrino.
At first, the secret formula of 'Skinny' to find the reaction after the last two defeats was the double 'G': Guaita and Gago.
Two developments, the first and second unexpected awaited by valencianismo who expressed their importance against Zaragoza.
The Valencia CF came out nervous knowing what was at stake. A tension was easing was coming into play as Fernando Gago.
The Argentine oxygenated and gave the team the balance sought by Pellegrino far.
His long ball to the left after ten minutes of action started first goal. Cissokho, Jonas Feghouli prodded the ball and, on appeal, scored his third goal in La Liga.
All in Mestalla.
Shortly after the first adversity appeared for Valencia CF: Perez Montero. The referee did not whistle on a dubious penalty when he was felled Viera arriving to finish. The Mestalla wick was lit in this action and two minutes later Valencia Coliseum exploded after seeing Joao Pereira was zancadilleado within the area. An action that, in the end, would force him to leave the game injured.
Perez Montero turned to look the other way.
After this, the Zaragoza took on the role which had previously been of Valencia.
This led to the break after a first half superiority of Valencia.
The start of the second half was marked by the clearest chance of Zaragoza until then, in a violent shooting that left Victor shaking the crossbar. Shortly before this, he was still one of the best players of Valencia CF, Joao Pereira, was forced off injured.
Second obstacle.
The reply to the opportunity to Victor Jonas was a ball to the post. So close was the 2-0 and the 1-1, but got the second goal for Valencia.
A Soldier hospitalized and Barragan led 2-0 in the opening scorer in Viera.
When it seemed that the Valencia CF began to breathe, came the third mishap: Feghouli expulsion after seeing his second yellow. Valencia went on to play with a 4-4-1, with only soldier pointed, and try to sleep the game, while Zaragoza wanted to take over the ball and get in the game with a goal.
In order to achieve this, their coach Manolo Jimenez, ushered Movilla and Edu Oriol.
The team then retreated behind the counter and looked sentencing. With one less, the Pellegrino awarded less than eleven occasions and were about to score the third on two occasions of Jonas and Valdez.
But the score and would not move, pulling the towel over Zaragoza and Valencia garnered a victory that gives confidence for Tuesday's game against Lille.

- Specifications:
2 - Valencia: Guaita, Joao Pereira (Barragán, m.49), Rami, Victor Ruiz, Cissokho, Gago, Tino Costa, Feghouli, Jonas, Jonathan Viera (Guardado, m.72) and Soldier (Valdez, m.85)
0 - Zaragoza: Roberto, Sapunaru, Alvaro Paredes, Abraham, Jose Mari (Edu Oriol, m.71), Romaric (Aranda, M.60), Victor, Apoño, Montanes (Movilla, m.71) and Hélder Postiga.
Goals: 1-0, M.12: Feghouli.
2-0, m.59: Jonathan Viera.
Referee: Perez Montero (Andalusian Committee). Admonished by Tino Costa Valencia and Zaragoza Soldier by Jose Mari and Sapuranu.
Expelled for accumulation of cautions to Feghouli (m.62).
Incidents: match at Mestalla stadium before 40,000 spectators. Pitch in good condition.

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