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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Valencia CF 2-1 Celta Vigo

There will be time to win otherwise. The Valencia CF took a breath in the league while their fans in the stands after snorting achieve a sustained victory in Mestalla (2-1).
In the return to school of Valencia CF after the break, players showed against Celtic that the team is still assimilating the lessons of Pellegrino. They needed to get a good grade in the League as a victory and topped with an examination approved by the result but a failing in the game.
Something that had been reversed in the previous three home games in the competition.
Nothing presaged the difficulty of the game in the third minute when Feghouli ahead to Valencia CF. The French replica of his last goal against Deportivo and Tottenham with the right cross that Pellegrino is put forward.
The assistance of the patent made her the main novelty in the team, Jonathan Viera won Mestalla is excelling in the game.
The goal prompted the Valencia went into trance, lines and fall back against Celta behave like a Bayern Munich is involved. Without consistency and inspiration in midfield Valencia, the Paco Herrera began to arrive fifteen minutes and put the tables after Cabral exploit two separate errors in the output Alves and Cissokho on the mark.
Krolh-Dehli hammered the ball, which had slipped into the goal.
The Celtic kept calling Diego Alves' goal throughout the first half, while Valencia CF burned the ball at his feet.
Tino Costa and Victor Ruiz enjoyed the better chances in the first half, which came more thrust than football.
The second half began as the first: with an early goal from Valencia CF.
A free kick by Tino Costa was cabeceada by Cissokho at five minutes to enjoy their gift in the form of scoring on the day of his birthday.
The Blades gave reply that could tie in a good shot four minutes later and spent another fifteen minutes of the game. The party lost the quality set by the Celtic before halftime, but was more level and more often, although not very clear, to both goals.
Valdez went to push the ball out and took the ovation Viera Mestalla to give input to Joao Pereira and experiment with Barragan and interior
Paco Herrera burned all his ships and ushered Bermejo, De Lucas Park to try and tie, while Valencia, more consistent than at first, struggled to keep the advantage.
It was when one more was stressed that ended suffering Mestalla to earn the reward of the first three points of the season.

Specs:2 - Valencia: Diego Alves, Barragan, Rami, Victor Ruiz, Cissokho, Parejo, Tino Costa, Feghouli, Jonas (Valdez, m.66), Viera (Joao Pereira, m.78) and Soldier (Ricardo Costa, m.90 +).
1 - Celtic: Javi Varas, Hugo Mallo, Tunisia, Cabral, Lake, Oubiña, Alex Lopez, Augusto (Bermejo, m.72), Natxo Insa (De Lucas, m.62), Krohn-Delhi and Iago Blades (Park,
Goals: 1-0, m.4: Feghouli. 1-1, m.15: Cabral.
2-1, m.50: Cissokho.
Referee: Stops Romero (College Andaluz).
Admonished by Parejo Valencia, Barragan and Rami and Celta to Natxo Insa and Cabral.
Incidents: match at Mestalla stadium before 40,000 spectators. Mestalla premiered a new lawn, which was kept in perfect condition.

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