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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Europe hopes

Joao Pereira tries to recover functionality in his leg and is critical contest. Meanwhile valencianismo Pellegrino and all yearn for that team with all the names that begin arriving around the Derby, but the train of the Champions League again do stop tonight at Mestalla and we must take it because Europe can not wait . Ahead will be four games and 12 points at stake, as well remembered the coach, but this competition is not usually forgive two straight losses. So Valencia, after falling in Munich two weeks ago, urgently need to get the three points against the French Lille. It is already a matter of sheer survival because everything will not win put more obstacles in the path to the knockout stages. And certainly a very important stick to the dynamics of this team.
It's time. There are many things that still has to prove the team Pellegrino and not everything can be put off when others like "Banega, Albelda or Channels" come to the rescue. Would risk that, by then, be little to salvage. Well spotted, could hardly have chosen a rival Valencia better than Lille to handle this match, at least in the Champions League. They also come from losing games, with many doubts in his game and equally low or more imporant.
They have sold many of their stars and their football is mourning the recent loss of his new gem, the 21-year Belgian Eden Hazard, transferred this summer to Chelsea in the amount of 40 million euros.
More than just defenseValencia have to be, however, much higher in the game. The defense picked up by the right with pins, but with a starting lineup and especially clearly better enough not to fear more than just defense. Rami, Ricardo Costa and Joao Pereira is perhaps give much advantage in a match. We talk about a team looking assert its defense policy and makes mistakes. You have to deal with and worry about it, but to win the game have to think of something else than defending. The opponent has not exactly up to Messi and little change is vulnerable to the exploits Valencia weapons. Priority, maintaining improvement targeted against Zaragoza, let Gago then run the ball and put a lot of strength in midfield ahead to dismantle the opposition. Uncheck aid, splits? In the absence of some of his men more competitive, they are left to maintain some order back and time pass against Valencia, a strategy that should break from the opening whistle domain based, push, verticality and pasted.
MestallaExcept in very specific moments, some sad memory, Mestalla has always been a key factor in this competition. Here lived nights memorable, unforgettable victories that placed Valencia CF in the map of the new Europe and led the team to several finals. Even in the last edition, when Valencia was left out of the playoffs, solved the group stage with two wins, a historic 7-0 win at Racing Genk and one draw against the mighty Chelsea. Minimally having served out, would have been enough. Today, the old coliseum Champions will be dressed for the party's centenary live in the European Cup. Abelardo, Sol, Hannibal, Jesus Martinez, Vidagany, Lico, Claramunt, Paquito, Sergio, and Valdez Forment formed in that first game against Luxembourg for over 40 years. Who remember if there were any casualties that day in the defense?

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