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Thursday, October 4, 2012

It is time to Bernat

The decisions that have recently taken the Valencia coach Mauricio Pellegrino, seem conclusive with respect to Juan Bernat, but may not be as effective. For example, despite the many casualties that have the equipment right now, John was left out of the squad on Tuesday against Lille, while a subsidiary player, Gaya itself was on the subpoena. Does this mean that Bernat Pellegrino does not count? Well no. In fact, as has been told this newspaper, the lefty city-bred sports can take minutes in the next games. It's a matter of time, patience or adaptation, is not important what to call it.
In any case, the fact is that the player was quite concerned on Tuesday when he was out of the squad, but once recovered the tone of mind, is eager to show Argentine coach can count on him precisely because Pellegrino's interest in that Bernat stay in the first team was what prevented him to go on loan.
The commitment of the club by Bernat demonstrated last summer when rejected several offers for the player to leave on loan, Deportivo Coruna and Rayo Vallecano were among the teams that showed interest in acquiring his services.
To date, only Bernat has played more than twenty minutes officers; against Deportivo came in the 70th minute replacing Frenchman Mathieu, and little is go over alignments and calls for Pellegrino, one can say that even with the Piatti and Canales injuries "that occupy or may occupy the left side of midfield" there are two players who are currently ahead of him, the Mexican Guardado and Jonathan Viera canary. The second has a place in the starting even before than expected, but at first they are giving countless occasions that fails to take advantage.
In fact, one can say openly that the left wing was reserved for Guardado and only their poor performance has led the band to try Pellegrino Viera and now appears ready to try Bernat.
In Valencia calls for Bernat patience will get his chance because anytime you bring to the table different arguments for the squad. For example, if Gayá in the call and not the player he was because the subsidiary has a more defensive profile, which on the other hand, can not be ignored. Another aspect has to do with time, adapting to jump to play at the Mestalla to play in the first team, and worth the Viera example, that despite being a dedicated and experienced player in the second division, his jump to Valencia has required some parties and many workouts. Well, in that line is Juan Bernat, who also comes from a lower category, Segunda División B. It also adds to their credit that already last season, with only 18 years, participated in ten games with the first team "debuted holder with Emery in the league opener against Racing Santander." Finally, even a Anecdotally, the homegrown that were with the Cadet Pellegrino Valencia and are knocking on the doors of the first team Bernat is only after the transfer of Alcácer to Getafe and Roberto Ibáñez "band midfielder
right "follow in subsidiary.
The right wingFinally, there is a simple statistical question for the squad, which is that as this newspaper published a few days ago, Guardado is emerging as the replacement Feghouli on the right wing, and in this sense, we should remember that, unless resource Valencia and prosper unless the Algerian footballer is suspended for the next three league games. If Guardado owns the right to the left, Pellegrino has only Jonathan Viera and Bernat, since the Argentine Pablo Piatti is also out of action for the injured man who suffered a few weeks ago.
No lower armsAfter the disappointment of last Tuesday "did not come into the squad against the French Lille", the player had a talk with their representatives in which he did see that now precisely the worst thing to do is lower the arms because of a Pellegrino any moment given the opportunity. Not surprisingly, Hardy was the player who asked not to leave on the table Cunado had a firm proposal of Philip Miñambres, Rayo Vallecano sporting director, wanted him on loan.

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