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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Parejo study output in January

How to save Dani Parejo. This is the slogan that neatly sums up the purpose of the Sports Directorate and the coaching staff with the '21 'of Valencia, widely criticized by fans. It's not easy being with the fourth official to enter the field and when you step on the grass without being whistled not missed a pass, the situation seems to have entered a dead end and Valencia will consider proposals to arrive in the month December. Freed, Dani seek to recover for another club performance that dazzled the Sports Management to sign him from Getafe at the rate of 6.5 million euros. There is no turning back. The recovery of Ever Banega leaves open the exit door of Madrid's midfield, with contract in force until June 30, 2016.
In Valencia are aware that Parejo club is an asset, but if the situation does not change radically, the idea is to find a way out for the month of December that will serve as a springboard. With the return of Gago, Dani has returned to the bench, but Pellegrino gave him a few minutes on Tuesday against Lille, playing the back nine in a position other than that which was acting on the current course, with Gago and Tino Costa few meters behind. Pellegrino is the first publicly willing to help Dani, but most of their efforts are performed indoors, with conversations in which you are encouraged to be strong mentally to overcome this situation and, of course, the 'Skinny' will continue counting on him as one. Last season gave no Unai minutes until well into the course "and that it was he who insisted his move", but the situation in the current year is different, Gago's injury opened the door to the starting lineup after the break September, started three games in a row next to Tino Costa, but its performance has not been as expected. Gago returned on Saturday to be measured at Zaragoza and repeated title on Tuesday in the Champions League, giving it another other than Valencia. Its ownership is not disputed, but in late October "so fixes the" Banega will be one more and you do not want the club is to end up being diluted Parejo, hence contemplating its exit option in the market
Parejo is one of the most beloved players in the locker room, since I started pitarle Mestalla has experienced first such support. Dani is very clear that the requirement in a big club, as he considers to Valencia, is critical if the performance is not as expected, but does not want to affect the group.
The player tries to be strong mentally, in training continues to do its best as the first day and will remain completely outside the options that come to the club.
Exactly one year ago, when he came Valencia several proposals for a change of air, including that of Bayer Leverkusen, however, accepted the word of Emery said he give more prominence but then also failed to have a major role despite injury Banega. Precisely this meant that the club refused to consider deals this summer, but after two months of competition, their performance did not strengthened and the club will assess all the offers that come to protect their assets. Dani has not yet said its last word, but Valencia, if the return is positive Éver, will open the door by way of sale in order to recover the level and self-esteem is not at the Mestalla.

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