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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Prohibited fail Belarus

No time to celebrate the comeback against Bilbao, Valencia has another end Pellegrino, now in Europe. Who knew when the draw for the group stage threw up this clash with BATE Borisov that podrí end up being the big rival. But that is why this double confrontation live tonight his first assault against Belarus is the key set for the knockout. Realistically, it may be a last letter to Bayern Munich at the Mestalla, but apparently seen better not tempt fate. "If we lose them would be practically classified" mused before boarding the plane Nelson Haedo Valdez. And it's true, it would make the fight for the other spot in a disturbing side by side with the Germans. "For us it's an early end," said Soldier hours later. And above all it is a game to show his face, according to the captain, to confirm as a turning point Saturday's game 'on all the work and sacrifice we showed for 90 minutes, the team never gave up and worked as equipment and must draw future matches. We must continue that line and you do not run into an anecdote, that means getting the results we want. "
With shades, but that's the line, the spirit, the way, the rebellion that the final minutes that prevented what seemed certain defeat. Valdez is the example. On Sunday wore a T-shirt that read in large letters the word "winner." With it, all those players with experience in many battles and weight on this computer. Starting Soldado Albelda, Tino Costa and Ricardo, Joao Pereira, Gago, Banega ... Some still had the image on the retina of the sprints off the bench to join in the celebration of the Paraguayan goal. It was not a victory, can have much meaning behind them if they win at BATE humble, but everyone knows that you have to improve a lot. They continue to commit errors as well let him know Pellegrino himself first person to Llorente to 11,000 feet during the trip, but the philosophy will be the same. And the changes will be minimal, although there are cases like Aly Cissokho, who Mathieu problems will move from the stands by ruling to ownership.
It is the exception.
Prompted Valencia is the perfect record after a bat with sharp features and well recognized. Looking back order and speed on the counterattack, basic ideas in a group to reject the ball. On paper their virtues did not appear sufficient to defeat Bayern, runners-up in Europe, but achieved the feat and now do calculations to move to the next phase.
Amazing on a computer in his two previous appearances had been unable to win a single match.

The winning Mestalla Valencia met in Lille. Now, to paraphrase Ever Banega, "to Minsk we're not going to draw and another for the win." This is the Leverkusen game that brought many cries after losing. Today we turn all the words into action, making the reaction a reality Saturday. The situation forced the group never to be out of the Champions League.

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