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Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Levante is a rival carefully

Valencia CF coach Mauricio Pellegrino has appeared in the press room at the Ciutat de Valencia with the UD Levante coach Juan Ignacio Martinez, in the previous derby city of Valencia, which will be played on Sunday morning in the feud levantinista. A meeting for which Pellegrino has Mathieu and Joao Pereira. The Frenchman has returned to a call after several weeks without going due to inflammation, while the Portuguese seem to have forgotten the discomfort that prevented him from being in the starting lineup of the European game against Lille. "Jeremy has suffered from tendonitis and probably not to play 90 minutes because it has been twenty days doing work outside the team. But is a player who has trained well this week and has a hamstring injury, so we can help those who believe. Meanwhile, Joao úlitmos trained two days without any difficulty. "
In the presence again in the call for Carlos Delgado, the Argentine said: "Will called, has done well, but tomorrow will value the best players to play the game. Logic is that you are training with us and when not playing
in the first team, will in the subsidiary because I like to compete. Bernat not compete and is not the best for him, playing not training is improved. "
Also referred to the technical sanction Feghouli: "We lose a player in three very important games for us by an involuntary action with regard to prevent the spirit of the game and in which no aggression. Were punished him excess, I have seen similar actions in several games in which is allowed to continue. We must learn, I talked to the player so that such errors do not happen more. Pity is losing an important player for an action that is not of the severity
as to lose three games "
Regarding Levante UD, which is measured on Sunday at 12:00 pm, Valencia coach has called it "rival of care." "The lift has confirmed at the start in the league, with home games, a team that aspires to more than just saved, is a rival of great care, it is difficult entrarles and have clear ideas, hopefully my team
can express their virtues in the field and can see a great show. "

"I really liked what he did last season Levante have been a team with all the letters. Reached historic instances for the club. Has been established at First and I would like to congratulate Juan Ignacio so has. Being in the Europa League is a very important step for any team. Levante team has brought more to the city, which has been established in first and that's very good. In the Community have good football in all
categories. want to congratulate you for the work done, have a very clear idea of ​​play and mixed young and experienced players. "
The Levante is a good weapon in attack Martins, but did not want centarse Pellegino it: "The speed Lift accommodates not only Martins, this development will have on the team if you have ratings, space. Dislike assess a player only depends on the collective thickness ".

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