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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Triumvirate in the engine room valencianista

Pellegrino and his players needed a night like this. It is fair to recognize the merits of Argentina coach after a win against an enemy that was not easy. The Bianconeri executed ninety minutes of manual. His staging was solemn: active, intense, friendly, efficient. So was the authority with settled smoothly down the stretch. Everything went well based on good approach. Vigorously pressed the ball out of BATE, patient was able to resist and to find your chance. This hierarchy began to congeal from midfield. Pellegrino skillfully strengthened midfield. Albelda, Tino Costa and Gago joined a team to show more compact, more dense, more ability to control the situation. The same thing happened later when Banega joined. Valiant, courageous leader. Valencia Valencia exercised and he had to see the momentum of the engine room.
No one had known BATE play until yesterday. An enemy that has its weapons and uses. So much so that interventions Diego Alves had much merit in the room when the black and white slut who suffered from Ecuador in the first part to the penalty that forced Soldier. During that stretch, turned turnovers and imbalances. Soldado's goal settled the fears and changed the context of the game. For the first time in the Champions League, BATE was behind on the scoreboard and forced to take the initiative to find different solutions that did not get.
Pellegrino was right on the way to counter the kickback arrangement and Belarusians.
Both, who finished applying his own medicine. The three goals as Valencia took home a steal and a quick exit. Direct vertical stabbing. The blanquinegros had the ball, however, the actively used. Franks and spontaneous, players were not lost on horizontality had hitherto characterized. They moved the ball with more speed and it made them less predictable. The Valencia activated new records. In line with what happened in the final minutes against Athletic, where Atletico squeezed with football and courage, coinciding with the presence on the pitch of Gago, Banega and Tino. There was a drastic change in the system. Pellegrino drew a 4-2-3-1, with Tino double pivot supporting and working on the release of Belarusians, free to get to attack.
Unlike other as midfielder and attacking midfielder.
When stepped in Banega, Tino delayed his position to join Gago. The alliance of the midfielders in Minsk offered convincing arguments in substance and form. It was a Troika, a government of three, a triumvirate to tame the meeting and provide a new source of alliances. Pellegrino and the team return home reinforced with another victory. The Valencia walks.

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