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Friday, October 26, 2012


The Valencia study the incorporation of John Terry for the winter. The operation is not as advanced as say yesterday was devoted to the four winds FIFA agent Francois Gallardo (which in this case acts as an intermediary), although sources of the entity itself acknowledged yesterday blanquinegra AS not only the offer but that are gathering information and making calculations to determine the viability of the operation.
The problem would not be to reach an agreement with Chelsea (Terry ends contract and according to data that the club che could go for a million euros), but the will of Terry to sign for Valencia should be capitalized.
Mainly because it would have to lower their current salary by nearly two million.
What we will not do the Mestalla club is paying more than Soldier, who sets the salary cap in 1.8 million net. Francois Gallardo says his will is that, although the Valencia not have all of them.
To what does the club would be willing to reach an agreement is to offer two-year contract (the center is 31).
A transfer to internationalize the brand VCF
It was three weeks ago when Francois Gallardo Braulio Vazquez offered the option of signing Terry. From initial disbelief at the name of the England international spent studying the operation. It would be an assignment for six months (for tax matters) and bound by one year extension on his contract at the end of that period. The Valencia, among other positions, he wants to bolster the defense with a center. Pellegrino, who knows Terry background of his time as an assistant to Rafa Benitez at Liverpool, would give the OK sports English entry in the locker room if the operation che in economic terms could be assumed by the club. Valencia coffers are not to launch rockets and hence the caution, though Terry himself is equal the salary cap marking Soldier by dimension and internationalization that would mark his move to the VCF.

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