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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Xumetra, knife on the right

Jordi devilish races down the right Xumetra do honor to the mote that accompanies the player: The bullet of Estartit. The end to the Valencia aims to strengthen the right-handed side showed yesterday, in what was a new recital of intractable Second A leader, the qualities that drew the attention of Braulio Vázquez. Speed, power and verticality. In a game in which the foci were fixed on him after blanquinegro interest, by Superdeporte unveiled last Thursday, the end Catalan played as if nothing was the same as always with the Martinez Valero witness. That player which dagger thrown by the right flank of the attack goal has to overflow and provides coaching Fran Escribá Elche.
The Elche consolidated the lead with a crushing victory against Numancia. And he did it with weapons to presume at this start of the season to be the best set of professional football in this country. Among the arsenal ilicitano pride of place Jordi Xumetra. Yesterday's was not the best of 'Xumi' in the current season, but grew with the passing of the minutes. He was there when his team need him, as the best players appeared in the decisive moments.
The '17 'franjiverde participated in three of the four goals Alicante.
The game matured until the 20th minute news Xumetra barely, but when there became news headlines. The former player of Girona center a ball low to the center of the area from the right-handed side. There it was on the trigger ready Coro, but Sunny him from committing penalty shoot at goal. ALBACAR Edu scored the first goal of the morning.
Before the break Chorus would head the 2-0 and would almost Confession the nth test a leader who does not loosen.
During the second half of the Valencian supporters could attend to Xumetra television at its best. "Back from changing the Numancia wanted to go to the party, and we're a team with spaces that do much damage. We knew it would be a rival rocky, complicated, but both the players and the coach have been able to read the game well. "
As the protagonist himself at the end of the duel, the Elche commanded by Xumetra shattered against hope to Numantian.
The play of the gameAt 56 minutes, the power of the man who has kept Valencia in every game of the Martinez Valero stadium and impressed the pitch earned him the ball to fall into the tray to Fidel, author of 3-0. Xumetra broke his speed and strength and few within the area before the ball came out for the bottom line, left behind for the arrival of the talented lefty. Seven minutes later the fourth and final fall locally. And again Xumi was in the middle. A fast Catalan admitted he found his bones in the front. Lack of Edu netted ALBACAR (4-0). Eventually Jordi Award just missed the goal in nine games, is the top scorer with four ilicitano as Coro and Edu. A new shot ride ended at the hands of Herrerín. "I was a little tired, I lacked strength," he said afterwards. Questioned by the interest of Valencia, declined to say more than "we'll talk later."

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