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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Alvarado wants 'Arda Troy'

After this morning's news media cabinet defending Mario Alvarado filed guarantees Bankia, the Costa Rican businessman has addressed the fans of Valencia CF in an incendiary letter entitled "Arde Troya" which highlights what a his view are the evils of valencianismo and appealing to the sentiment of the fans Valencia.
"Football is passion, but above all passion and emotion. Changes in life of car, home, even as a woman, but never team. With feelings do not play," the letter begins.
After drawing a comparison between the white club and Banco de Valencia capitalized criticizes the "wealthy bourgeoisie" that has let the Valencia CF "will continue sinking into abject poverty, being robbed by a credit institution, which in
time, by the disastrous management of certain politicians. "
The letter points to Valencian politicians and managers who had the Valencia CF since becoming the SAD: "People who do not care about what really matters: the fans. Wages have been enriched with millionaires, dark steps and a series of events
demonstrated and documented those trying by all means protected from being 'crucified' by the people, which is always sovereign. "
The letter goes on to describe facts alleged crimes which relates to Valencia CF with "judicial mazes, alleged political tangles people currently defendants in several corporate crime," he continues. They also stress that the institution has passed into the hands of the Valencian government, "and nothing is happening here?"
team asks Mario Alvarado.
The letter ends defending the position of Mario Alvarado and his movements since his arrival in Valencia: "Does anyone believe that a man without money is to expose and to the media and to a financial institution to lynch him? Does believe we are fools? Did you really think that if what you say is true, would be legally in Valencia or would have stopped at the airport, just landed, and if someone walks into a bank to negotiate with false documents, do not you denounce immediately? Are we crazy? simply believe that others are fools. now? "to burn Troy" he concludes.

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