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Monday, December 3, 2012


And is that the balls swell me see that shit estis team doing with my life, we split:
BRAULIO: You're the "Chori" Dominguez and surely endorse Don Fernando Gomez Colomer tab is that this guy sucks, but is that the purchase orders him qie shit is Llorente. - And about Mauricio Pellegrino you say? , The "Skinny" is a gentleman and many players did not like him and they have succeeded, it seems perfect because Universal Law dictates that all cause and effect produces a see you with bags from never to hear from you in the bitch life. -
LLORENTE: You Valencia.CF of cancer, I'm not in favor of what he said Paco Roig, because it is a loudmouth and he showed his champion Valencia for many years, there are ways, but do us a favor and fuck. - You serve to Mercadona, cuts, dividends, layoffs, wage cuts more, is what you do best and that's why you put in office fucking Bankia and corrupt politicians, the same as my country is loaded, you are being like them and instead of signing a crack surrounded by players' broncos and butler "Braulio want to emulate with FCB and Spain to see parchis parties, this is not always the team that I shit in the art and the" pasecitos ", the Valencian we see as Spartacus" Blood, sweat, sex and sand (grass) ", but we see a lot of abnormal wanting to be what they are not. - David Albelda: I think it's great you say what happens in the locker room, but my captain says the names or do not say anything, because it's Gago him go to hell, that is Feghouli, then by the same way, I have missed know who it is because one thing is intuition and other know firsthand. -
CONSTITUTION: As the Constitution, the Revolution, but, like Real Madrid and FCB, the club must be club members, who have to handle it, we who are those pgamos every year, period. - I find it shameful what the Foundation and what actions and I hope one day soon see Don Fernando Gomez Colomer President of Don Luis Aragones Valencia.CF and General Manager of the team, because Ernesto Valverde is another Unai and we will see see how we fight to avoid relegation this season .....

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