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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Study Rates Emery as coach of the league more efficient

One study included in the book EFE by Valencia coach Unai Emery, explains that this coach is the "most efficient" of the League over some who have done better as Pep Guardiola at Barcelona or Jose Mourinho, in Real Madrid.

In the book, which is described Emery as "Captain Thunder of Spanish football," he states that in the past exceeded effectively League Javier Aguirre (Zaragoza), Marcelino Garcia (Racing), Manuel Pellegrini (Malaga) Quique Sanchez Flores (Atletico Madrid), Miroslav Djuklic (Hercules) and José Luis Mendilibar (Osasuna).

Although the top five in this list share the same degree of efficiency, technical Basque exceeds them for being the only one who led his team all season.

For Mourinho is the eighth in the list as efficient as proposed in the book about Unai Emery, which occupies the eleventh position Guardiola.

Considering the efficiency of Emery is the result of research carried out by Julio del Corral, PhD in Economics and professor at the University of Castilla-La Mancha, which posed a mathematical model to measure the technical efficiency of having heard a sentence of Coach Miguel Gonzalez "Michel".

"I'd like to see coaches from the likes of Mourinho or Guardiola training teams like Getafe and Sporting," said current coach of Sevilla when heading to Getafe.

To make their calculations, Del Corral established a set of parameters from the meetings conducted by each technician, points scored and points per game from the view that the effectiveness compares "maximum production with minimum possible factors."

Emery goes to Valencia for the fourth year and the previous two team failed to qualify in third place after "two of the best teams in history, with two of the best coaches of all time and the two best players in the world," in reference to the Argentine Leo Messi and Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo.

Also during these years and Emery on the bench, his club has become the third team in the historical classification of the Spanish league, ahead of Athletic Bilbao and Atletico Madrid.

The authorship of the book, edited by Topics today jointly corresponds to Unai Emery and John Carlos Cubeiro, university professor and leading expert on strategic projects for large companies, the technician who shares the secrets that have led Emery to achieve a high level of efficiency.

In the publication, Emery and Cubeiro try to teach how to identify talent, to enhance a professional, to present the objectives, resolve conflicts among peers, change a losing streak, without which no worth, managing the group environment, celebrate successes and give them courage and lead managers.

On the cover of the book, Guardiola expressed his "great view" on Emery, while Valencia's Portuguese player Ricardo Costa, who more than once complained of playing a secondary role in the team indicates that Emery shares characteristics with Mourinho.

"Both are modern, new coaches, direct, speak to the players have a winning mentality and work very well," sums up the virtues of Emery Coast.

In the first part of the book portrays the figure of Emery, his football history and characteristics of the Spanish league as some have described as "bipolar" and in which man has become a record.

In the second part explains the method based on team spirit and winning mentality, energy management or the balance between reason and emotion.

In the last few pages are some ratings for Emery as its president, Manuel Llorente, who describes him as hardworking and ambitious, though exposed to criticism by the position they hold office.

A project and four alternatives

Elegance, ambition, personality, winning character, good taste and method. Valencia said his style. The club is aware of what you have and know the capacity of Unai Emery. In this sense, the results were expressed technician for the past three seasons. However, the volume of trouble and sorrow you are building a team while now suggest that the change in the dock is closer than ever to occur.

The club is moving to find a leader capable of leading a costume, have a project and handles various alternatives. Mauricio Pochettino, Didier Deschamps, Laurent Blanc and Luis Milla are prime candidates. Should not be renewed to Unai Emery is emerging as an alternative roadmap.

Four coaches and four ways of understanding football, with their similarities and peculiarities, their strengths and weaknesses. As Eduardo Galeano describes it in his "Soccer in Sun and Shadow ', the coach is a consumer product to which" leaders and the fans will not only require the genius of Einstein and the subtlety of Freud, but also the miraculous ability of Our Lady of Lourdes and endurance of Gandhi. "Their differences over tactics and their football culture, Pochettino, Milla, Deschamps and Blanc agree his consummate ability to maximize the performance of players. From the old board has gone to electronics, but training is still primarily a matter of human management. The technician who gets best manage the resources of its staff is the more options you have for success. It's a matter of meeting the different sensitivities of the group, maintain motivation and encourage respect. That is the spirit of men change.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Las horas previas al Valencia-Sevilla de ayer estuvieron marcadas por un altercado protagonizado por grupos ultras de ambos equipos. En concreto, un grupo de hinchas radicales valencianistas estuvieron a punto de pelearse con miembros de la peña 'Biris' del conjunto andaluz.

The hours before the Valencia-Sevilla yesterday was marred by an altercation starring ultras groups from both teams. Specifically, a radical group of Valencian supporters were about to scrap with members of the rock 'Biris' the Andalusian side.

The incident occurred about 15 hours, when fans were near Mestalla Sevilla, Avenida de Aragon, drinking and chatting, escorted by police when they saw about twenty radical approach, which identified themselves as followers of Valencia, while the hispalenses were about 150.

Then, when the two groups were close, he began a cross of insults and cries gave way to confrontation. The Valencian group began throwing various hard objects including stones, toward where the Andalusians, and had to mediate the police to deter and that was any further because the matter was complicated at times.

Although, according to witnesses who witnessed the incident, the versions differ. As some point, the 'Biris' were those who began to rebuke the Valencian and threw objects, to which they responded, sparking several races, and that's where the police intervened.

Not the first time Valencia ultras have a violent encounter with the 'Biris'. In the past, both groups have even come to challenge for social networks to fight, but usually the work of the security forces have prevented the riots.

During yesterday's meeting, the songs were constant cross between hobbies. The Sevilla fans sang in offensive, which was answered by the ultras of Mestalla, singing against Sevilla and against Michel.

After the meeting, the result was clear just by listening to the sound of the avenue of Sweden. The 'Biris' next to the bus waited for Sevilla at the exit of the players on your team to encourage them and thank them for 1-2 victory in Mestalla they reopen the door of the Champions on the horizon, as a Emery victory of the difference between the two teams would be beyond repair.

Fortunately, after the crash there was no regret that violence by hobbies, as the police was responsible for escorting the Sevilla until they boarded their bus to return to the Andalusian capital.

Yesterday's is the second tough game in the stands of the week. Against Stoke City, the presence of 3,000 English fans created problems for the conduct of the British, who threw coins and various objects to the Valencian who were in the stands below. Even also threw liquid, causing many people had to leave the stadium before the end of the match for not holding the actions of the Stoke fans, with clear signs of intoxication.

Paul: 'I'm learning to be stronger mentally'

The player wants to play in nature and if you do not really care suffers when the club is. Paul was four games, suffered in silence, but did not lower the arms to return and show on the pitch he wants to be more important. Nobody likes to see their colleagues from the stands, but he is taking the positives for the future.

It takes eleven goal assists, the last on Thursday Jonas.
-Was not the few, but as you ask the players from that position, who played on the second line. We must help the team, and apart from defense work we must help the up and score goals. Above all we insist on assisting people and is our main task.
-From the outset it was very plugged in spite of accumulating four games without playing. How do you get?
It's not easy, but during that period of four games without playing and tried to be calm, concentrate on work at maximum when the time came and I really wanted to play again. I felt good physically, with confidence, and I think that is the way. Sometimes in football you have to live by these situations, times when you play several matches in a row and others where you have to wait your time, I have had to wait and I tried to be ready when reached.
'It was the first game wearing the bracelet, is turned into an added incentive?
I've always said that every time you take the bracelet will be an honor for me to represent this team as captain. This season and are three games in the future if I have to continue to do so well, taking it with pride and enthusiasm.
-In the last press conference, said Unai was maturing in the shade. What is explanation?
I do not know, have to ask him, but I guess I will refer to sometimes have to wait for the moment, have to wait without playing. And when he spoke of in the shadow would deal in training and in day to day, was working well and seeing that he was confident and eager to play.
- Has taken many turns in the lead so long without being involved?
-No, not really. That also helped me when the time came and had a chance to play again would be calm and confident. During these four games without playing one is fucked because he does not play, but then I've been quiet and knowing he must train a lot to wait for the moment and use it.
-Ensures that has taken many turns in the lead, which way was to distract?
Well, as usual. During the training was the most of myself, not thinking anything else. And off the field have been at peace with my people, maybe they were a little nervous about the situation but was I reassured them that was fine and looking forward to when I arrived had to seize the opportunity.
It is true that his absences were not normal and that was more complicated to understand. The question is: have you had any problems with Unai?
-No, I assure you that nothing has happened. My involvement in the three and a half years I've been with him has always been correct, or my part or on yours I think something happened to that is the question why has not played the last games.
'In these difficult times, who should be supported?
-With family, the people closest is the one that has suffered and lived close last month, when I have not played. But then, now we have to take it with confidence, knowing that it is only a game and this does not mean that the situation will change from white to black. I had the opportunity, I returned to play after a few games and I tried to give the maximum, now I have to prepare again for the next game and if the coach sees fit that I can play, be back one hundred percent.
-After the great game he played against Stoke was to see his family, what image is saved?
-The image is always, I expect them in the box to come out and did not change habits.
This time you would expect with a smile.
Yes, it is clear that when you do not play hard to be happy, but as I said, I have always tried to convey peace and let them know it was working well, that in time things would change and would be where I play.
- Have you lost friends?
-Not at all, quite the opposite. When one is so aware of friends who are there.
SUPER-The cover of yesterday was, 'Paul is back better'.
Yes, I saw, but Paul never left, although it is sometimes difficult to maintain regularity and things do not go as you want, but Paul is to always, every practice working one hundred percent to be prepared to play. And it will remain the same. I hope from now, when you have the chance to play things as I go on Thursday or better and can continue to assist the team in assists, goals or work which is what we are asked.
-Good gesture that was after scoring Jonas, who quickly pointed out as an important part of the goal.
'It's a gesture that sums up what the costume and what is the team, we're all participants in the victories and defeats. A goal is not only that brand, but of making the play and he stole the ball in the previous action ... All are important and here we all win and we all lose.
-After a good performance it is best to have continuity, can rest easy Unai if you bet on Sunday?
-It has only been one game and I think work best to be prepared and come back to have the opportunity to play, be on top.
- Have you come to feel uncomfortable at the Mestalla by catcalls from the stands?
-There have been tough times this season, especially at first, but it involves football. The Valencia is a great club, Mestalla is a large field where there is pressure, wear this shirt is involved and I tried not affect me, being on the sidelines and keep trying to get my football. Then that's football, there are times you can hear a run run, but other days it turns into applause.
- Are you getting stronger?
Yes, this year I am learning a lot, especially mentally to be strong and be calm, not to affect me not to be playing or stay out of the squad. Sure I will serve well for the future.
In your goal to Genk gestured dedicated to his future son, also helps to warm to be living this experience?
'Of course it helps, because it is a beautiful thing. This year I'm learning a lot to bring these situations and I hope in the future to help me much.
- Welding has congratulated his return to Red?
'It's a joy to the locker room, he deserved it for some time, and finally arrives. We are very happy for him, George and Victor Ruiz. The more players there are in the Valencia team better, that means you are doing well.
- The choice is yours with a full stop?
-Now, after the situation they've been through, I know it is very difficult and I hope I win these remaining months.
-Tino Costa is going to raise his future at the end of the course because they want to be protagonist, is what Paul has already been raised?
-No, I have always said that I must live day by day, enjoy this is a dream and think of beyond. Things are happening and coming.

Van der Wiel, 'I still hope to Valencia'

Gregory is still injured, but the idea he has about his future has not changed one iota despite the 'resistance' that has Ajax, reluctant to let him go for less than eight million euros. The right side which is still in the first step in the list of future events speaks out: "I ​​still hope to Valencia." Braulio Vazquez has rescued the information I had on other sides rights, as is the case of Cesar Azpilicueta Debuchy or because you want to close as soon as the reinforcement of what is considered an important area for the coming year. But the Ajax player is still desired.

In the statements which includes the Dutch magazine Voetbal International, refers to the player the option to wait one more season and leave the computer on a free transfer in 2013, as published SUPER: "If I stay now, still have to play with Ajax another season and would open in 20013, but I think now is the time to go. I have 24 years, I have not met now 18 and very comfortable after playing five seasons with Ajax is the time to take another step. I feel good that want to join a lot of money for me and Valencia also recognized. "

Upon his presence at the Mestalla to see live the Valencia-Barca, Gregory says that one day hopes to be on the pitch. "I imagine that someday I can play games like that, and that is if I can really go to Valencia," says the footballer, who does not despair because after Euro "could interest a bigger club than the VCF." Negotiations are at a standstill.

Jordi Alba is left alone on the left side

Of the 24 players summoned by Vicente del Bosque is only one in your own team plays the main role of left back. That's Jordi Alba. The left-hander from Valencia CF is the only member of the citation that usually plays in this province, which opens wide the doors of title for the friendly match next Wednesday against Venezuela.

A fact which confirms the firm commitment of Vicente del Bosque by Jordi Alba to settle in a location that may already have in an owner defined Valencia facing the Euro in Poland and Ukraine.

The summoning of Forest falls the left side of Malaga Ignacio Monreal, who in the previous edition and rivaled for the position with the side of Valencia CF in recent friendlies against Costa Rica and England. While malaguista seems able to pay the piper for the bad image in the friendly against Costa Rica, Jordi Alba, which was exhibited at Wembley may have won the game.

With this situation, the only alternative in the 'Red' facing the friendly against Venezuela would be to relocate wrong foot Alvaro Arbeloa on the left flank, a position in which the performance of Real Madrid defender down considerably, and especially offensive aspects, where Jordi Alba has showed this season that has become one of the best carrileros of La Liga.

Soldier brings to 80 the number of international Valencian

Valencia striker Roberto Soldado, who has been summoned by coach Vicente del Bosque to play against Venezuela in a friendly to be played on Wednesday in Malaga, rises to eighty the number of club players summoned for international engagement.

Soldier returns to the team about five years after his debut with the national team in 2007 when in the ranks of Osasuna will be the first time you play with Spain since joining Valencia last season.

Since the debut of Eduardo Cubells in 1925 in a win over Portugal in Lisbon on 0-2 have been 79 club players who have come to a citation with Spain, which does not mean that everyone is wearing the team jersey since some did not play.

So far, the last Valencia in attending the selection has been the defense Jordi Alba debuted in the win over Scotland 3-1 qualifying match for Euro, last October 2011 and since then has had confidence coach.


We started the league, is a Valencia.CF HURRICANE FOOTBALL and goals, this Valencia is going to be a leader who is on equal terms to the two usual ....
Half of the League and a shame that the Valencia.CF deflate against large, has not won not one, but is alive in the Champions League, Cup and League a few points ....
Well, the Valencia.CF is one of the largest in Spain, is still alive in Europe League, Champions hurts, eliminated from the Copa del Rey and only 20 points in the league, but Unai and his players are giving everything ......
There are 10 games left in league, has not paasado Valencia.CF quarter in Europe, and 40 removed from all points of the League and fortunately I had a cushion of points important because it descends from category ......
And Life remains the same over and over ........
Tell me to write more or to watch a game more if I know by heart, a good two or three bad and eventually we will be third or fourth and next season to read from the beginning .....

Friday, February 24, 2012

Soldier: 'At last my time has come'

Roberto Soldado's family has approached the Sports City Paterna to congratulate the player for his call to the Spanish football facing the friendly against Venezuela.

After their meeting, the Valencia striker has stated in the press room Paterna: "Thank you, the truth is that I really wanted to return to the selection, has finally reached the time and I hope the coach can give it back confidence in the playing field. "

On whether he was more eager to go this time than in previous times where possible call sounded, the Spaniard said: "I had the same desire to go to the previous time, I knew I had potential, but now is the coach who has seen that I am ready. are proud to wear the shirt of the Spanish and defend my country. I hope to answer in the field the expectations placed on me. "

Soldier thanked the affection of his colleagues after learning of the citation: "If the selection is going to thank my teammates and coaching staff are doing to show my game. Thank you all for a striker as peers are important, they live thanks to goals and they do go to the team. "

When pointed out that now is not in scoring form, Soldier said: "I'm going now and if I do it because it thinks fit coach. Lately I find it harder to score, but participated more plays, I'm just happy to go now that when I was doing more goals. "

At Valencia he was not recalled to Spain since 2007 when he played for Osasuna: "Hopefully it will not have to spend another five years, I progressed from there when I was 22 years. I hope to meet notice and have continuity selection. " Despite this and Roberto pointed out that this call does not see it as final in the face of Vicente del Bosque list should be given on May 15, with players who will contest the European Championships: "Not at all think this is the definitive list I see it as a prize and final season here I do my job goals to be in the final list of invited ".

Finally, the Valencia striker has revealed how they learned of the call: "Five minutes before giving the list, the physios were listening to the radio, I could not stand and I went to the shower and when she came Jordi Alba is when I heard. My family is happy as much or more than today. "

Victor Ruiz, with the sub'21

The Valencia CF player Victor Ruiz has been summoned to the meeting that the Olympic team played at the Estadio El Malecon Torrelavega on Tuesday February 28, 2012, from 20:30.

A proposal for the National Team, the Royal Spanish Football Federation has called for the match of the reference to the following players:

Athletic Club: Mikel San Jose Dominguez, Ander Iturraspe Derteano, Ander Herrera and Oscar de Marcos Agüera Arana.

Club Atlético de Madrid SAD: Resurrection Merodio Jorge "Koke" Alvaro Dominguez Soto and Adrian Lopez Alvarez.

FC Barcelona: Martin Montoya i Torralbo, Cristian Tello Herrera and Isaac Basin.

Benfica FC: Rodrigo Moreno Machado

Chelsea FC: Oriol Romeu Vidal

Olimpyque de Marseille: Cesar Azpilicueta Tanco

RCD Espanyol de Barcelona SAD: Didac Vila Rossello

Malaga CF SAD: Roman Francisco Alarcón Suárez "Isco"

Manchester United FC: David De Gea Quintana

Real Sporting de Gijón SAD: Alberto Botia Rabasco

Sporting Clube de Portugal: Diego Capel Trinidad

Valencia CF SAD: Victor Ruiz Torre

Villarreal CF SAD: Diego Mariño Villar

The above players will focus on Monday 27 February at 12:00 hours at the airport of Bilbao, the arrivals terminal, dock coaches, coach trip continuing to Torrelavega.

DEL BOSQUE: "it hurts me to leave outside Torres but i have to be just'

Vicente Del Bosque, Spanish coach, admitted that it hurts "keep out Fernando Torres' of the squad for the friendly against Venezuela, before facing the penultimate Euro 2012, but said he has" to be fair "and reward the best time form of Roberto Soldado.

The absence of Fernando Torres is the big news of the call for Del Bosque. Along with Raul Albiol and Pedro Rodriguez, are the three casualties in the home group that won Euro 2008 and World Cup 2010. The coach did not hide the feelings he has had to decide. "I have not spoken to Fernando because we have a method and no one knows the call before publication. It's a special player and charismatic, with many calls, but now has an irregular behavior and we should not bring it," he said.

"We can not think that will not come to the European because we have months to go. I believe and I appreciate very much. You I have a high regard as a player and as a kid. It hurts, but I have to be fair to the players who are pressing and can not be curbed, "he added.

Del Bosque insisted that this squad is not binding for the European Championship in Poland and Ukraine. Does not rule out that both Torres and Raul Albiol and Peter end up going into the final if they improve their performance at the end of the season.

"The three missing, Torres, Pedro and Albiol are world champions. Without going into great detail, we believe that at this time should not come. Albiol has been shown to have little involvement, Pedro Torres and erratic behavior," he argued .

"We have to reward those who play well and make merit. It means nothing because the list is not definitive. Looking for Euro have three months to go and there are limitations to bring them all," he said.

With the entry into the group of players who come absolute bottom as Iker Muniaín, plus the return of Thiago Alcantara and the novelty of Roberto Soldado, Del Bosque said that seeking a perfect blend of the group champion and increase competition players . "We have to combine the past and present, the weight of each player with this raging, which are more regular and irregular. We are here to make decisions," he said.

"The suffering Fernando break not be taken as negative. It is an encouragement for him and the group, so that no one aburguese. Football is to be alive and compete well. Groups can not be impaired by not making decisions and must be the highest level. not a definitive list, just the base for the European, "he said.


Friday, February 10, 2012

Italy is on the lookout for Jérémy Mathieu

It took more than necessary to acclimate to Spanish football, but has come to establish itself as one of the most complete and solvents carrileros Spanish league. Jérémy Mathieu, French player of 28 years, lives one of the highlights of his career and is willing to make the most of.

In fact, at this stage of course, the international Gallo has not yet decided where to continue his already long career as still waiting for all the big clubs are tracking him begin to submit tenders loaded with zeros to the right.

And among the squads that keep you on your agenda today rebound, according to Cadena Ser, a couple of sets Italians who want to give new impetus to the lefty side: AC Milan and Inter Milan.

Yes, the Valencia has not yet said its last word. Unai Emery has discovered an excellent Mathieu end capable of forming with Jordi Alba one of the most incisive bands in Europe and the board seems ready to make an effort to keep him.

England Knocks Paul Hernandez

After a promising debut with Valencia in the first season of Unai Emery, who even led to his arrival in the selection, Pablo Hernandez has not finished establishing itself as a pillar of che box. This campaign has been relegated to the bench for several games where the coach has chosen to go for Sofiane Feghouli.

The attacker, who has 17 league clashes (11 starts) is now news because there is speculation his departure next summer. Specifically it has been a string information to be the places it on the agenda of a squad in the Premier League: Bolton Wanderers led by Owen Coyle, who has thought about it for your next project.

The Valencia CF Carlos Sanchez spy pivot

Carlos Sanchez is a defensive midfielder, has 26 years, plays for Valencia Valenciennes and he is doing a thorough follow-up in recent weeks because he considers it "very interesting" at the end of contract next June 30. The absence of Braulio Vazquez on 14 January match in Mestalla between the VCF and the Royal Society was motivated by his presence at the meeting disputed the Bordeaux and Valenciennes, where the pivot Colombian had acceptable performance.

As SUPER has been reporting on the roadmap laid out by the Sports Directorate for next season include the addition of a defensive midfielder Albelda profile. Although the renewal of the captain for a season is given "for granted" by the two parties, the intention is to hire a player who occupies the area of ​​the field.

Mehmet Topal has not taken the step forward he expected the Sports Directorate and although it is a cause-effect operation, the intention of Braulio is sit down with representatives of Turkish midfielder end of the season to discuss your situation. That defensive role in midfield has been doing so sporadically Maduro, to be played renewal in the remainder of the season, but runs several clubs proposed a similar profile to Valencia. It is still internationally for the Netherlands, in addition to a free agent after next June 30.

In recent years the name of Carlos Sanchez, whom they call 'The Rock' in Ligue 1 of France, has always been on the table, but the Sports Management considered an interesting player on a free transfer under the arm, a situation will happen at the end of the course. His agent, Christophe Mongai, so has put on the table several times and Braulio Vazquez is well above it in the last few weeks before making a final decision. Colombian midfielder is conspicuous by his physique, but also has good ball handling with both legs. In the last match which saw Braulio live, the Girondins 2-Valenciennes 1, Carlos Sanchez had acceptable performance, but have heard good reports about him. In the template there is a player who knows you very well, Adil Rami, and consulted SUPER considered to be a great player.

In the winter there were two Italian clubs, Udinese and Genoa, who addressed his representative to negotiate immediate incorporation, but 'The Rock' decided to wait at the end of season and promised to Valenciennes when he rejected the offer of renewal makes a weeks ficharan situation which caused his replacement, the Senegalese Pape Abdou Standard Liege Camara. The Valencia considered "interesting" the signing of Colombian on a free transfer under the arm.

The Valencia CF enters the economic Champions

Valencia CF is also third in Spain in the economic plot. For the first time, the club president Manuel Llorente has been included in the Top-20, specifically in the post 19 of the clubs with the most revenue world of football.

These are the data published in the prestigious Deloitte study 'Football Money League, which analyzes the financial information of football clubs for season 2010/11.

The Valencia CF, with 116.8 million euros in revenues, ranked nineteenth place just behind and ahead of Hamburg Naples. In addition, black and white club comes first in this list of the most exclusive clubs and supersedes and third Spanish team Atletico Madrid, leaving the Top-20 thanks to its 99.9 million euros in turnover.

As detailed in the report, the Valencia CF increased by EUR 17.5 million revenue from 2010 to 2011. An increase that is motivated by television revenue, which increased during this period and, above all, by EUR 24.1 million entered in the Champions League against the 5.1 of last season, in which the club competed in the Europa League and ended up being eliminated by Atletico Madrid.


1. (.1) REAL MADRID 479.5 million.

2. (.2) 450.7 FC BARCELONA.

3. (.3) Manchester United 367.

4. (.4) 321.4 Bayern Munich.

5. (.5) 251.1 Arsenal.

6. (.6) 249.8 Chelsea.

7. (.7) 235.1 AC Milan.

8. (.9) 211.4 Inter Milan.

9. (.8) 203.3 Liverpool.

10. (16) Schalke 04 202.4.

11. (12) Tottenham 181.

12. (11) Manchester City 169.6.

13 (10). Juventus 153.9.

14. (15) Olympique Marseille 150.4.

15 (18). AS Roma 143.5.

16. (-) 138.5 Borussia Dortmund.

17. (14) Olympique Lyon 132.8.

18 (13). Hamburg 128.7.

19. (-) 116.8 VALENCIA.

20. (-) 114.9 Naples.

Rami clause falls

The clause of Adil Rami is descending. Today is 25 million but this amount decreases as time passes. So clear and so crude.

This is an information that this newspaper has had access and which will surely deny Valencia so blunt, but the reality is that the representative of the French central and forwarded it to the various clubs have been interested Rami from that landed on the black and white club last summer.

The flu hits the Sporting

Iñaki Tejada has acknowledged that "the flu is conditioning preparation match against Valencia and may also do so with the lineup," especially if the recovery and Adrian Colunga Botia is not complete.

However, the technician will maintain the 4-3-3 scheme with which she played last Sunday against Osasuna. Tejada has not hinted at practice this week which is compounded by the uncertainty on the recovery of Botia and Colunga and casualties have been confirmed in defense of Ivan Hernandez and Nacho Cases in midfield, which is more crucial since probably involves the repositioning of a player.

Cases come by Eguren
The technician said that "everything that is added will be good" in a field that has been given bad to Atletico since his return to Premier League as they have not lost their last four visits despite Soldier is next Villa footballer who has scored more goals against Sporting in recent seasons.

The absence of Nacho Cases will be supplied by Sebastian Eguren in an attempt to bolster the defensive midfield while Carmelo may change the side on medium-tip especially if the process is recovered Colunga influenza, and this is which entered the right combination that would be the substitution for André Castro.

No confirmation of the coach would likely alignment formed by Juan Pablo, Lora, Botia, Gregory, Canella, Eguren, Rivera, De las Cuevas, Carmelo, Adrian Colunga and Barral.

Gregory for his greater physical strength and experience seems to be the companion of Botia in the center of defense to try to stop a young soldier at the expense of Galvez, who will be on the call after playing two good games in which he even mark a goal.

Iñaki Tejada said that "the staff is greatly concerned with the situation in the team" and that "the players are very receptive to the slogans and eager to do well."

He said he did not need the confirmation of the board of the club earlier this week, but has recognized that "once there was things you can work with the longer term."

The staff will conduct a final practice session tomorrow morning session and then give Tejada squad, 18 in total instead of 21 or 22 that used to take his predecessor, Manolo Preciado, who will be traveling early in the afternoon a charter flight.

Jordi Alba: "My statements on Bardelona have been taken out of context"

Jordi Alba believes it is now time to look to the League and Europa League, once the team was eliminated from the Copa del Rey against Barcelona.

"We have to think in the league, which is the competition that can lead us to the next edition of the Champions League and not forget that the Europa League competition can also be a very nice," he said.

He admitted that all players were "annoyed" by the elimination against Barcelona, but also that the team had not played well and made ​​mistakes.

On the statements as saying that any child dreams of success with Barcelona, said: "They have taken out of context, but that has not been disrespectful to anyone because the truth is that any kid dreams to reach the first team club where he plays. "

Improvement and want to play Soldier

You no longer have fever. Roberto Soldado improving the race. Notably absent from the second leg of the Cup semifinals at the Camp Nou Mestalla will reappear in the same Sunday. The striker, who could not even watch the game at the stadium because of fever, called yesterday at the Sports City at the time set for players who had played the full match.

In fact, Soldiers worked in the gym at the same rate as the members. He came well equipped in your vehicle and have not faced had a good night. He did some biking and weight training to regain the feelings and everything went smoothly. Despite being a bit weak from the bout of flu, the striker finished happy with the sensations experienced. If nothing happens rarely in the coming days, it is normal to arrive in time to be convened in order to meet Sunday.
The team now has days off after two weeks living hell of activity. Soldier, by contrast, will attend the Sports City to continue with treatment, be observed by doctors and recover the good vibrations. The work with the team Saturday and Unai Emery then decide whether or not line up against Sporting Gijon.

The floor of the club's top scorer was a blow to morale and team sports. A few hours before jumping to the Camp Nou, the news left everyone with a strange sensation. The great hope was fading team scoring. His replacement, Basque Aduriz, caught on a good performance, but could not reach the coveted goal to leave the tie more into the air.

The fact is that Valencia striker faces the added challenge of not scoring their worst run of the season. It takes three consecutive games without seeing door. In the Camp Nou could not participate, but against Sporting at the Mestalla and expects to be ready to end the drought.

The rest of the squad returned from the emotionally touched Cup semifinal, but without worrying about any physical problem. Except a few hits themselves a game of intensity that was experienced on Wednesday in Barcelona, ​​the entire staff will be available (except Mature and Channels) for a league that is presumed essential.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

They did not believe (FC Barcelona 2 - 0 Valencia CF)

The Valencia CF was eliminated from the Copa del Rey after losing to FC Barcelona in the semi-final second leg match at the Camp Nou, 2-0. Unai Emery's team was much lower than Barca for most of the game and showed neither the attitude nor the intensity needed to overcome the ordeal they faced. The Valencian supporters believed in the deed, but they did not believe.

The game was practically controlled by Barcelona for 90 minutes but Valencia, serious but very loose top and indecisive ago, came out very strong and got in trouble leaving behind frozen Barcelona at Camp Nou. Emery repeated Guardiola 4-2-3-1 and stung, leaving Puyol on the right side to cover the exits of Mathieu and Alba, who did not create much danger as at the Mestalla.

The great pressure Valencia in the first quarter of an hour was key to the club was not at all comfortable on the grass, and above all the passes to the back of the central Blaugrana. It was a trigger in all encounters and luck were the premises of the inspiration of a Pinto in hand to hand despite causing a 'y' in the stands in other actions.

However, the danger of Valencia at the beginning vanished at once, and did so with the 15 minute goal from Cesc Fabregas, not only for the goal tonight was one of the best games after the injury that cut off the pace . Arenys The team moved well, was full support for Xavi and dared to get forward at all times, remembering the 'gunner' it was.

With the goal of Cesc, a masterpiece of definition with the outside by lifting the ball and beat Diego Alves (bad outputs, while the rest of the game), the game changed. Messi, the wizard of gold, led a reaction that was to retain the ball and look up judiciously, knowing it was Valencia who needed goals, and made to forget the goal that was about to make Feghouli, then sent off for a slap Puyol.

If the club could not convict before the game, and with it the tie, was due to the interventions of Alves, the inaccuracies of his players before the Brazilian goal, as well as Valencia closed spaces. So the minutes went by and the excitement grew in the stands, but was only able to go to overtime with a goal from Valencia.

This did not come, although available in good times Aduriz boots, ready to exploit a flaw in the Pinto output, which saved Mascherano furniture. However, it did not corner the Barcelona and the Catalans took on yet another occasion, to make it 2-0 on the scoreboard and get the ticket to the final.

Yes, the game could again undergo a change of script but for a double saving Pinto stop just outside the break. The Cadiz was excellent in a one on one of Alba speed beat Puyol on his back and then stopped Aduriz's header, which replaced a soldier who could not play for flu, and his team noticed.

Now with one less, Valencia could not even play the heroic, as Xavi's goal ended his dream butler. The Terrassa completed a good team move that Alexis went to Cesc, who sent her first to the right to Xavi fusilara Alves, who could not do anything. Until the end of the match award for Andres Iniesta, who jumped back onto the field after injury, and for a change of home-grown talent between Cuenca and Tello, who like Fuentealbilla unnoticed.

Technical details:

FC Barcelona: Pinto, Pique, Cesc (Iniesta, min. 91), Puyol, Xavi, Alexis (Dani Alves, min. 85), Messi, Thiago, Mascherano, Abidal and Cuenca (Taylor, min. 88).

Valencia CF: Alves, Rami, Albelda (Dani Parejo, min. 84), Jonas (Piatti, min. 78), Feghouli, Ever (Tino Costa, min. 68), Aduriz, Jordi Alba, Victor Ruiz, Mathieu and Miguel.

Goals: 1-0 min 15 min 80 Xavi 2-0 Cesc.

Referee: Fernández Borbalán (C. Andalusian) Cesc admonished, Valdes and Dani Alves for Barcelona, ​​and Aduriz, Feghouli and Victor Ruiz, by Valencia CF. Feghouli expelled for a second yellow (min. 76).

Subs: Return of the semifinals of the Copa del Rey. Camp Nou (65,000 spectators) was kept a respectful silence in memory of artist Antoni Tapies. The Valencia CF wore black armbands in memory of former club player Quique Moreno.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I'm not happy, I'm so fucking anyone to see what a team is all in your fucking life, I have not seen goals, I have not seen honor, hvisto not surrender, do not want my team to play shitty m hearts of fear by a rival with 12 or 15, I give a shit and I do not care, I want a team that reaches the soul, I do not see this team more Unai and I speak to you because nt in Lorca and Almeria your players were existed, giving feelings and commitment, encouragement, courage, struggle or the opposite that has seen this fucking night. -


You said it, I say as high LET NOT THE SKIN TO BE TAKEN BY ass the fuck up, GOALS ARE THE FOOTBALL AND HAVE TO PUT THAT ARE PLAYERS, fearlessly, openly, without philosophy and no shit, goals are shot, courage, eggs ...... eggs and balls to the end and this VALENCIA.CF no sense without the League or the Europa League or not anywhere we go forward. -

You have it clear?

I do not care that this Soldier Unai or flu, I do not care if he plays or Banega Tino and I sweat it if Miguel Barragan Bruno or the problem is ...... balls, eggs, and testicles THE DESIRE TO EAT of RIVAL. -

Unai is your one time or else follow a fifth season but again be the same, this is not an enterprise for profit, that is HEART, FEELING, joy, do not wanna be a band. -


That's what I want and desire with all my heart, like millions of Valencian, so wear the block, but I am not a journalist and not write with style, but I shit on all Romantic poets because I'm a fucking poet and bat sports and I get what I ask, with or without you ... I sweat it. -


Valencia CF has a rendezvous with history

My son SERGIO BATISTE 7 days years old
It was seven in the evening of Tuesday February 7 and more than 250 fans waited at the airport to bid farewell to Valencia Manises way to its rendezvous with glory. Or better yet, to wish luck to the players, tell them they are not alone and let them see that today is not a common party. The Valencia is not Liverpool and Valencia ordinary daily lives over this past and clearly stale that both adorn the English, but if there is the epic-white, which look more than ever. This was understood Valencianism collectively and spontaneously have not been required or allegations original advertising campaigns to faith-white to be exhausted in a few days over a thousand entries that finally went on sale to see the match live tonight, and that, with which it is falling into economic terms, is another way of saying they were wrong who spoke of Valencianism asleep or bored, tired, tired, bored or fed up with their leaders. That was not the problem.

And this is understood as an attempt to defend the leaders because it is not, not anyone in this story and hope feeling today the players are the players and each and every one of the fans who once felt something that shield. Although some may complicate daily, it is clear that the problem was that football was invented, the English again ... - dating like today. It was invented to enjoy showing off your team and your players. Also to suffer, because it is true that some defeats more join the best success, but although there are ways to be andarlos barefoot, long since the Valencianism sand filled her shoes, just need to fly and felt that is your night. So with little crammed at train or bus illusion if it leads Mendieta, without measuring the risk of stumbling because he knows that disappointment also written the story of a great and because it is so used to getting up, to do once again be worth it. Insurance.

That look, that looks
If there is the epic Valencia, who looks more than ever because if you people need a joy for the body it is today. And against Barcelona ... Almost nothing! The hour and give equal Messi, Xavi, Iniesta and co. As also give Barcelona the continuing lies and lies to avoid even a single track to rival. If even do not care if Pinto Colorado, has armpit or if it really is what we see, a simple and nothing else. No matter if the grass is dry, wet, short or long, no matter if it is green, blue or yellow because today with Valencia skips the imperial Fabian Ayala. Also the cat-like reflexes and Sempere Cañizares and the best game viewing Deck. Today Albelda will have eight years younger and will rule over the Camp Nou with a youthful vigor and from start to finish. And with the Matador Soldier Mario Kempes gallop with his hair in the wind. Today Mathieu in Arezzo speaks Italian and French Miguel de Guadalupe, Banega today is not the birthplace of Rosario, Argentine football, and pig-pasture-, Ever look born in the heart of L'Horta Nord in Puçol de Claramunt. Today Jonas samba dance Arguineguin Canary and, as in the beginning of time, Montes and Cubells again fight for the favor of the stands at every ball and every goal.

Today, the 'driver' Gaizka Mendieta will again in front of the Barcelona area, wait your turn calm and deliberate and to overlap the ball with all his soul to strain it into the top corner while his faithful friend the louse so unhinged at Camp Nou that the Catalan front pages again to smoke with indignation the next day. As before. Today all large and small, we have a date with history ... And I wanted to lose!

Valencia CF template is already in Barcelona

The Valencia team, wrapped his departure from Valencia by hundreds of fans who transmitted them courage and strength to beat Barca in the final stand copera arrived in the Catalan capital on Tuesday after nine at night, to move directly to its team hotel. The 19 summoned by Unai Emery, one list to the returning Topal and Parejo were greeted at the airport of El Prat by high expectations of media, onlookers and supporters, who sought especially the photo with Soldier, Albelda and Jordi Alba.

Leading the expedition traveled, as usual, the president, Manuel Llorente, accompanied by counselors Tarsilo Piles, Gil Vicente and Jose Antonio Garcia Alcayde Moreno and sporting director Braulio Vazquez.

Unai is left Paul at home

Unai Emery, Valencia coach has called up 19 players for the second leg of the semifinals of the Copa del Rey, who dispute this Wednesday at the Camp Nou against Barcelona, ​​among which the absence of Pablo Hernandez, dismissed by the technician.

Regarding the first leg, are new presence on the list of Bruno Saltor, Portugal's Ricardo Costa and Dani Parejo, who were discarded by Emery for the first match of the tie.

In contrast, addition of Paul, have been left out of the call Angel Dealbert technical decision and Antonio Barragan, while injury have not entered Sergio Canales, Dutch and Turkish Hedwiges Maduro Mehmet Topal. The Valencia coach will have to make a discard Late Barça and traveling with 19 men. The announcement completes the form:

Goalkeepers: Guaita, Alves
Defenders: Bruno, Michael, Victor Ruiz, Ricardo Costa, Rami, Mathieu, Jordi Alba
MEDIA: Albelda, Banega, Tino Costa, Parejo, Feghouli, Bernat, Piatti
Forwards: Jonas, Aduriz and Soldier

Manises to heaven

"This is your step, your step, your step that encourages you, encourages you, encourages you, encouraging you to the soul, the soul, the soul, the soul and throat, throat, throat, oeoeoeo!" Thus, among chants, flags, banners and the illusion of 250 fans left the issue of the Valencia Sailing to Barcelona last night to realize the dream of all the final of the Copa del Rey. The fans responded massively to the call of Jove harrow and fired hundreds of computer Valencian Airport Manises in a human corridor that accompanied exciting players from the bus to the terminal. Encouragement, cries, enthusiasm, applause. Those responsible for airport security raised him to Valencia enter through another door, but the club rejected. The players named were carried aloft by fans in an exciting picture that became crazy when Jordi Soldier and got off the bus. Never better. Manises to heaven.

Said the people at the airport of Manises and so did at the box office hours before the Mestalla. The club went on sale 275 tickets that had gotten late on Monday and were soon exhausted. At least the bus including a doctor price of 55 euros. Tickets flew. The lockers six seven Mestalla opened at ten o'clock. There were some fans waiting.

Some had escaped from work, other classes were bare. A ticket to see how the Valencia can get into the Cup final was worth it. There were no long lines, but a steady trickle of people. Peter Rich was the penultimate in buying it. It took three. There was only one and it was 11:58 am. Fans kept coming, but nobody wanted one. Until Terradez Paco came at 12:26. Valencia was the last to join the caravan. It was not the last. There were some loose without bus tickets gradually sold throughout the day. Angel and Gregory for example. Knowing that there were no buses VCF, called the bus and train station and finally decided to travel by car. Had to be ingenious and out.

They form part of the thousand fans who are now the Camp Nou. With 400 people traveling Agrupació l'divided into four buses, five vans and cars. There will join 'The Rat Penat' of Barcelona, ​​the rock 'Robert' de Tarragona and Lleida new rock. They will leave at 14:30 from headquarters on Avenida de Aragon. Black and white by the club, traveling 600 fans spread over eight coaches and cars. They will leave at 15:00 to avoid a collapse of the Autonomous bracket but want all the buses arrive at once. All united in Manises to heaven.

Mathieu wounds of war still looks Sunday

It has been over 48 hours of dispute Atletico Madrid, Valencia CF and the team does not even have the mind set in the league right now, but one of the players still have the template aftermath of the last game. Jeremy Mathieu sports a striking hematoma in his left eye as a result of the coup that led to his eyebrow at the Calderon on Sunday. Yes, the French is on the list and ready to give everything.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The VCF and eliminated Barça defeated on home soil in 1931

One must go back a long time to find a time that eliminated Valencia FC Barcelona in the Cup after defeat on home soil. To do this, you have to go until 1931, makes fiolera of 81. At that time the eliminated Valencia after having tied the Catalans at the Mestalla and beat them at home in the second leg. A real feat, considering that by then the Valencia team was active even in the Second Division.

In Spain Cup 1930-1931 season, Valencia faced FC Barcelona in the second round. In the first leg, played at the Mestalla on May 10, 1931, the final score was 2-2. Jesus Navarro advanced to Valencia, but Barcelona rallied with goals from Samitier and Goiburu. A goal by José Vilanova two minutes from time allowed the Valencia tie the game and face back in similar conditions to those of Wednesday. Moreover, on that occasion the away goals not worth double, so the only way to avoid a replay was to achieve victory.

The second leg will be Jugi one week later, on May 17, 1931, in the Les Corts stadium. In that game, Valencia Enrique Cano fielded, Benito Torregaray, Luciano Ricart, Sunday Torredeflot, José Vilanova, Juan Melenchón, Tonin Conde, Cirilo Amoros, Jesus Navarro, Antonio Sanchez and John Costa. Valencia went ahead with a goal of Torredeflot in part, offset by Ramon madiada the second half. When everyone was assumed to play a playoff match, a new goal of José Vilanova, hero of the tie, ten minutes from time gave the victory to the Valencia CF 1-2 and allowed the Valencian eliminate Barcelona for the first time ever in competition. Valencia was eliminated in the quarterfinals by Guetxo Arena, but that season was historic because the team won promotion to the First Division.

In addition to the aforementioned time, just one more time in the history has been able to defeat Valencia to Barcelona on home soil in a round of the Copa del Rey in 17 games played there. It happened in the 1998-1999 season, and Valencia was able to win by 2-3 to Barca in the first leg for the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey. Valencia also won the Cup in Mestalla back and eventually became champion after defeating Real Madrid in the semifinals and Atletico Madrid in the final.

Valencia was also able to eliminate Barca in the Copa del Rey for the 1991-1992 season, in qualifying for the knockout stages. Valencia, who had won the first leg 2-0, was defeated in the second leg 4-2 and Valencia CF were classified by kicks from the penalty spot.

Emery: 'We want to play the final'

"It is the party of our opportunity, illusion and we have a responsibility to work the best for this illusion, and that opportunity," Unai Emery has stressed in a press conference prior to the return match of the semifinals of the Copa del Rey , played on Wednesday at the Nou Camp.

Valencia coach has stressed that know how to stop Messi, the 'short' as you were called in the press room, but it is difficult: "Knowing what we know, very few do. There are no secrets either for them or for us . We know what can happen in the field and, from there, is what do we know the two teams. in their stadium, the 'short' is protected, but there too we have known to stop. Tomorrow we will work as possible to stop it, not only him but the whole team. What we have is great conviction in the challenge and opportunity, excitement and enthusiasm for making a good game, we play the final. "

Basque is wary of the supposed slump Messi: "With Careful, do not want to enter the house of others, I have no arguments and responsibility, but Messi is the best player in the world is wrong, I do not think so."

Emery did not disclose his party's approach and said that even if defensive, as he asked, Sadrian to win: "Our way we have it forever, then there are the conditions of the rival. Barcelona makes you keep a style, but force to stop him. Let's raise a party to go to win, aggressive in sports, within the limits. "

In addition, Hondarribia knows the responsibility of the Valencia on Wednesday: "We note the illusion, desire, desire and enjoy a final, but you have to enjoy the moment. To that last point, the end, there to win tomorrow. not let anything in the field, the preparation of the party aims to annulling the Barcelona and enhance our strengths. The fans of Valencia will make the effort to be and that gives us a plus more. "

As to whether the Barcelona hides his letters to the assessment of their injured players, Unai said: "It seems right, a good strategy for not giving clues to anyone. Sometimes we talk too much about it and give many clues the opponent. They do so and I think well. "

In addition, the coach has responded to the criticism by the Barcelona of the state of grass Mestalla in the first leg: "When we play in our stadium, we play to our strengths. The day before the party asked us, we cut the lawn, and said that if he was okay, no, the same answer with irrigation, but we will not win. In Barcelona they will put the field as they want, logical and we will not complain about that. It is beyond accuse us of that place. Barcelona is a big club, but his greatness may be lost at times. ".

After training evening, Emery will give the squad, which still provides for travel if all players to be an important match, "It's a possibility that we will decide this afternoon, has its good things, be a team, but if we are many, the concentration of those who will play aa can be undermined by those who do not, you will value. "

When asked if the biggest game of his career, Emery said: "I Referencing within a team. For the team is very important and also the power to overcome a tie against Barcelona, ​​the best team in the world, so important for us all, nice and an opportunity that should work best to try to seize it. "

On the referee, Unai has been clear: "We will not ask you to help us, but not harm us, even if the Mestalla balances the other day, we will not say no. I always say there is to see the difficult task that has strained the parties to the arbitrator are very difficult, all we deceive, we must help, and there are people who understand them, even when they speak against it, kill it. "

The joke at the press conference came when he said if you repeat back to Mathieu as far down the left, "do not say, tomorrow is going to play right," he said jokingly Unai, for surprise at this point that Barcelona is complicated.

Mendieta: "Currently the 'louse' Soldier of Valencia '

Gaizka Mendieta, former player of Valencia and Barcelona, teams will play Wednesday at the Camp Nou to qualify for the Copa del Rey final, recalled that in his time as Valencia he had "taken the measure" the Catalan. "In my day was Valencia who, somehow, he had taken the measure to Barcelona. Both Champions, and League Cup as we used to face them," said the former captain Valencia in statements provided by the Mestalla club.

The former footballer said that, as then, Valencia "has been characterized as a team over the individual".

Argentine striker Claudio 'louse' Lopez was with his goals the 'black beast' of Barcelona during those clashes and Mendieta that role today would occupy Roberto Soldado. "Today the 'louse' Soldier of Valencia has shown with his goals is, at present, player reference, goals and performance that is giving the club," he said.

Mendieta, who stars along with another former player Fernando Giner, a video promoting the club to promote travel to Barcelona for the return of the semi-finals, said to the players is important to feel supported by their fans when playing on the road.

"It is always important when you go to warm up to see people with their scarves, the people who have been displaced, which has made ​​the effort to get there and somehow you owe it to them," he argued.

Mendieta encouraged followers to support the team at the Camp Nou by stating that "it is a historic moment in the history of Valencia and they themselves may be part of it. It's something they can remember in the future and say I was there, and for players is also important to see how many more fans in the field. "

Jinko Solar negotiates the name of the Nou Mestalla

Jinko Solar Company, which last week signed a sponsorship contract with Valencia, the club will negotiate with your new stadium bearing the name of the company and provide it with solar panels to provide energy in the future sports arena.

This was stated Arturo Herrero, global CEO of the commercial department of Jinko Solar, a company whose logo appears from the King's Cup match last Wednesday against Barcelona on the jerseys of the players of Valencia, following agreement between the parties.

"Let our company provide the name of the stadium is a possibility that we are negotiating. Would be very interesting and we'll keep it," said Smith, who believes that football is a good platform to boost renewable energy product in which they work .

The ability to install photovoltaic panels on the future stadium of Valencia still "is not advanced," said Herrero.

"We have started a very basic draft to see what the best way to fit the stadium with a renewable energy system because it is a very interesting opportunity to level of sustainability and clean energy," he said.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Emery: 'It was very important not to lose'

Unai Emery, Valencia coach said after a goalless draw at the Vicente Calderón against Atlético, to be satisfied with Madrid because he believes it was important not to lose.

"Atletico de Madrid is a direct rival and came from a very positive streak. Everyone likes to win, but clearly today was very important not to lose. Maintain the distance with Atletico and also the particular results are within our favor, "said the coach.

"Third place is far less secure. Atletico is a direct rival and certainly can not neglect the league," he added.

Emery did not spare praise for his rival. "Atletico played a good game, different from that played in Valencia.'s Very plugged in, with a very high intensity, but they lack something in game creation. But they have very good players and is in a very positive momentum. Atletico is a great team and Simeone has been good. we consider it a direct rival. sure you will be all the way up there. going to compete with us for third place safe. "

On the game that Valencia has to play against Barcelona in the Copa del Rey, said that having accepted less than 24 hours of rest and that Barca will play their tricks.

Victor Ruiz will not play against Sporting at large

Victor Ruiz can not play the next league game, will face Valencia and Sporting Gijon on Sunday. The center was apperceived of sanction and after seeing a yellow card at the Vicente Calderon will have to rest for yellow card accumulation, as has five cards.

The VCF achieved a draw is worth one point

Valencia CF is wearing a tie with great courage the Vicente Calderon in a very even match against Atletico Madrid one coming on a roll but still seven points Mestalla. There were few occasions, the same errors. Both proved to be a lot of respect on the grass giving way to an intense game play with little bursts.

Nobody said it would be easy and perhaps that point has the flavor of hoot. Nothing to do with the feelings that tie in Pamplona left the previous day, no not that of Santander. The team showed his face, was concentrated and serious on defense. Minimizing errors Atletico was not easy to create danger and when he did there was Alves.

The goalkeeper takes a step forward after a few games he left a lime and sand. Seven minutes and took a prodigious hand to prevent head-fiducial Adrian, and was not the only one. Falcao Diego and also failed with the Brazilian.

Atletico came with drive but soon faded. The work of Albelda and Tino was wearing a team that came to put two straight wins and could not catch the whole Unai Emery.

The VCF was not very clearly up, but seldom ever came to danger. With Soldier closely monitored, tested at Piatti Courtois at 28 minutes with a dry shot from the edge, but the clearest Jordi Alba was for fifteen minutes remaining. Jonas A genius left him in a perfect position but his cross shot went touching the stick. Atletico could have scored ten minutes before an action in which Rami miraculously cleared off the line a shot from Falcao.

The draw leaves a good feeling before facing the party that can lead to the Cup final against Valencia. The team recovered solid defense before a game in which you will be playing suffer.

Technical details:
0 - Atletico Madrid: Courtois, Juanfran, Miranda, Godin (Dominguez, m. 56), Filipe, Diego (Koke, m. 81), Gabi, Tiago, Arda Turan (Salvio, m. 80), Adrian and Falcao.

0 - Valencia: Alves, Miguel, Rami, Victor Ruiz, Mathieu (Bernat, m. 83), Pablo Hernandez, Albelda, Tino Costa, Jordi Alba Piatti (Jonas, m. 68) and Soldier (Aduriz, m. 62) .

Referee: Undiano Mallenco (C. Navarro). Miranda warned the local (m. 32) and Falcao (m. 60) and visitors Victor Ruiz (c. 16), Albelda (m. 45) and Diego Alves (m. 90).

Subs: game for the twenty-second day of the season in the Primera Liga match at the Vicente Calderon stadium before about 45,000 spectators.

Friday, February 3, 2012

The requirement falls Gregory Mestalla

Gregory Van der Wiel returned yesterday afternoon to Amsterdam fully convinced that no wrong choosing Valencia as your next destination. Ajax right-back, which has a preliminary agreement to dress in black and white the next five seasons, watched from the noble to the Mestalla in Valencia and Barcelona with a friend. At the Dutch player was impressed by talent and claw shown by those who expected to be, from the academic year 2012/2013, his new teammates. However, with what remained hallucinated was with the atmosphere that is capable of creating the Valencianism in their stadium.

As he reported to his inner circle, the Oranje international vibrated with the environment that was generated in the stands of Mestalla, with typhus and the 51,800 souls who encouraged Valencia in the first assault of the semifinals hostesses. Especially, from 17 minutes when goalkeeper Pinto made a clear lack for touching the ball with his hand out of the area, which must have cost the expulsion, but Gonzalez Gonzalez said. Van der Wiel was a follower in disbelief at the unjust decision by the referee.

After his first contact with Mestalla, the right side describes the taste as "demanding and delivered." Apparently the Van der Wiel Wednesday from the stands amply satisfies their aspirations for the future. The latest siren song from the Premier League will not change a decision already taken firm: The play in Valencia. The defense wants to enjoy the games next season of the size and intensity of a VCF-Barca and, at age 23, to give a qualitative leap to a team Spanish League Champions.

Now, Gregory hopes that Valencia and Ajax give the necessary agreement that still needs to finalize the operation. However, within the black and white club has not gone down well the fact that the player publish the flying visit through Twitter, especially in a key moment in negotiations with the Dutch entity. In this sense, the talks between the clubs are ongoing, but no news of consideration in recent days. The economic difference is salvageable, although there are precedents for signings frustrated, even though the players had visited the city, as in the case of the French Kevin Pierre-André Gameiro or Gignac.

So the referee handled the club

At the time that Jose Luis Gonzalez Gonzalez and his assistant grandstand banda Pinto did not see taking the ball to Roberto Soldado hand beyond the line of the area, Barcelona singing victory. He had his reasons, and because I got an immediate performance rather than its change in strategy regarding the arbitration work, orchestrated for days since Xavi Hernandez declared open season a few weeks ago, when before two quarterfinal matches against Madrid said feel hurt, "I have the feeling that this year hurt us more than others." The day before the party, the president and Barca coach agreed to launch a Machiavellian the message that the club Catalans until now felt hurt and it was time to repay. At the cost in this case of Valencia.

Came the week of Valencia-Barca and harassment started it's own Leo Messi in the mixed zone of El Madrigal, where Pep Guardiola's team equalized to zero and yielded two more points you away from Real Madrid in La Liga. The Argentinian star also broke the unwritten rule of the Catalan club. The mixed zone appeared eager to talk with the press, something quite unusual for him, of course, but it was with the sole intention of launching a clear and direct message also against the collective arbitration. These were his exact words: "I do not like to talk about the referees but sometimes they are arrogant and threaten you with a high card draw."

First was the captain and then the star who launched two separate critical messages, but coming on game day and with it the time of the heavyweights. On Tuesday morning, the president Sandro Rosell took the floor in an act of the FC Barcelona Foundation and launched a hard time qualifying message: "There are days that referees make mistakes in your favor and some against. So far this year does not bode well for Barca, but I would answer that question at the end of the year because these things usually end up swinging. " That is, balance. Sometimes even very fast, as in this case because only a day after the club was clearly benefited Mestalla in a game that can give the ticket to the final of the Copa del Rey and the chance to win a title. More complicated what would have played more than an hour outnumbered.

Rosell said, last but not least, who did not speak on behalf of FC Barcelona, ​​"but the sport" because "we are human and errors and what is sought is that the competition all have the same treatment." His pressure made little impact on an arbitrator experienced in this type of matches to achieve exactly the opposite effect: making the Valencia did not have the same treatment as Barcelona in the major decisions.

Guardiola, on line
Sandro Rosell's words were echoed by all means after dinner on Tuesday and, as in the afternoon, they asked for them to Pep Guardiola in the press conference before the game was going to be played in Mestalla. Barcelona coach theorized about what is and what is not talking about the referees, which is complaining and what not, if it's good for football or bad for the referees. He spoke also of the media power of Real Madrid ... But the bottom line at the end left a piece very similar to that hours before the president had declared: "By all means, it is normal that I get angry when the referees make mistakes against me but then I think and say, ' will have been wrong. " I am representative of a club and I know that in another game, another decision will favor me. " And just 24 hours after favored him in a move that coach himself called "the party that condition." "In the end these things are balanced," "in another decision will favor me." Is it a mere coincidence or answer a perfectly planned strategy?

Everyone was
Yesterday, all the press in Valencia, Catalonia, Madrid and global agreed unanimously by the error of Gonzalez Gonzalez, who clearly benefited Barcelona in a key moment, when a title is at stake. As Manuel Llorente said after the game, sometimes benefit from Barcelona to Madrid and other, others do not exist.